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UCC Single Origins Complete Collection

UCC Single Origins Complete Collection

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UCC Single Origins Complete Collection

UCC The Blend Ethiopia Sticks 20g

Chocolatey and Floral

- Medium to Dark roast profile

- Specially curated Blend for Ethiopia's aroma and taste

- Full-bodied with pronounced deep roasted aromas

- Intense dark chocolate notes

- Creamy mellow mouthfeel

Taste Notes:


Bright & Fruity


UCC The Blend Columbia Sticks 20g

Sweet Caramel and Fruity

-Medium Roast Profile

-Specially curated Blend for the best aroma and taste of Colombian Coffee

-Well-balanced with fine fruit notes of dried raisins

-Touch of fruity aromas and caramel sweetness

-Pleasant acidity taste

Taste Note:

Caramel & Sweet



UCC The Blend Brazil Sticks 20g

Nutty and Well Balanced

- 100% Brazil, 100% Arabica

- Purest and supreme quality

- Impressive aroma and taste profile

- Medium roast

- Full-bodied, nutty chocolate profile

- Ideal for those who prefer flavorful coffee

Taste Notes:



Roasted Nuts

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